Palazzolo & Associates was formed by Matt Palazzolo, a benefits planner with over 20 years of experience in the financial industry, insurance and small business benefits design.

Because of this core experience, Matt and his team provide their customers with a broader more strategic way of thinking about their health care benefits. They believe each component of your benefits plan should enhance and leverage all parts of the plan. They can guide you through this process and help you find suitable solutions.


With the complicated list of health care regulations in place today their in-depth experience in government rules and procedures provides the guidance a small business needs to protect its employees and keep its business in compliance with new legislation.


For Palazzolo & Associates independent advice means developing custom programs that meet your needs, not the needs of a large corporate brokerage house. They are not bound to any one organization or product; therefore, they provide unbiased information for Life, Health, Disability and Supplemental insurance plans that work for you.


During their years of success they have listened to their customers and learned what is important to them. Their commitment is to keep growing and learning what customers need, and to provide those services with integrity and innovation.